The Rivertronics Swing-Master is a compact, extremely sensitive swing meter that is designed for use with today's larger and longer tows. It will detect very slight rates-of-turn of a vessel.
   The heart of any swing meter is its gyro, or motion-sensing device. The Rivertronics Swing-Master uses an extremely rugged, long life, gyro motor which is precision balanced to maximize bearing life.
   The gyro motor is enclosed in an aluminum case, which may be mounted remotely from the pilothouse indicator. It should be mounted horizontally in a stable, vibration free, location.



   Our new " expanded scale " indicators have a two-position sensitivity control.
This control is used to vary the detected rate of turn. The 30/min. ( X1 scale )
position offers maximum sensitivity, while the 60 /min. ( X2 scale ) position
decreases the indication by ½.


   The zero control allows for aging of the gyro circuitry. It should only be adjusted
( after the unit has warmed up ) to give a " zero " reading of the indicator when the
vessel is docked or known not to be turning.


   A variable dimmer control allows for use at night.